18650-32700 Battery Pack Semi-auto Assembly Line

May 10, 2023

18650 21700 26650 32700 Battery Pack Semi-auto Assembly Line

This battery pack semi-automatic assembly line is specially designed for 18650 21700 26650 32650 32700 cylindrical battery pack production.


Cylindrical lithium battery pack is widely used in power tools, smart homes, electric vehicles, photovoltaic energy storage, intelligent lighting, mobile power, small appliances and new energy vehicles etc.



18650 21700 26650 32650 32700 Cylindrical Battery Pack Assembly Line
Product Name Description
256/512 Channels Battery Tester 5V 3A/5A/6A Battery Tester optional
Battery Insulation Paper Sticking Machine Sticker Materials: Barley paper or PVC
Barley paper Maxium 350mm;Scroll Internal Diameter 72-75MM
Battery Sorting Machine 11 Channels Battery Sorter(Data record function is selectable)
CCD Visual Inspection Machine Cylindrical battery positive and negative detection
Manual Spot Welding Machine Pneumatic AC Spot Welding Machine
(Single Welding Point or Double Welding Point)
AC Pedal Manual Spot Welding Machine
Automatic Spot Welding Machine Single Side Automatic Spot Welding Machine
Double Sides Spot Welding Machine
1-24 series/1-32 series BMS Tester Over-discharge Protection Current:0-120A
Overcharge Protection Current:0-50A
Overcharge/Overdischarge Voltage:0.5-5V
Battery Pack Comprehensive Tester 100V 120A Battery Pack Comprehensive Tester
Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine Film speed:50~70PCS/MIN
Film precision:±0.1MM
Battery Aging Machine 30 V 10A Charging 20 A Discharging Aging Machine
70 V 5A Charging 10 A Discharging Aging Machine
100 V 10A Charging 20 A Discharging Aging Machine

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