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Acey offers a wide range of machines, including banbury mixers, internal mixers, two roll mills, granulators (pelletizers), rubber or silicon vulcanizing machines, and plastic extrusion line machines such as blown film machine, casting film machine line, sheet extrusion line, and 3D filaments lab extruder line, also the metal and ceramic injection molding or processing machines,etc.


If you need any help or support for Acey's machines, pls feel free to contact us, our engineers are always here to help you. To better understand the situation, Please help to clearly describe the problem information for our analysis so that we can provide a solution for you.


1. Technical Support: Provide dedicated technical support to assist customers with any inquiries, troubleshooting, or technical issues customer may encounter with the products. This support can be offered through various channels such as phone, email, or online chat.


2.After-sales Service:First please contact your own engineers or installer for help,If you cannot get an effective solution to solve the problem by your own, please contact Acey’s after-sales service first, you can obtain Acey’s contact information through our official website and contact us in time.


3. Product Maintenance: Offering guidance on routine maintenance procedures to customers, including cleaning, inspection, and preventive measures to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the products.


4. Spare Parts Availability: Maintain an inventory of commonly needed spare parts for the products and provide customers with easy access to purchase or order these parts if replacements are required.


5. Software and Firmware Updates: If the products have software or firmware components,we will provide updates to enhance functionality, improve performance, or address any known issues. Make these updates readily available for customers to download and install.


6. Training and Documentation:We Offer training materials, user manuals, or instructional videos to guide customers on product installation, operation, and troubleshooting. Provide comprehensive documentation to empower customers to utilize the products effectively.


7. Online Resources: Acey established an online knowledge base or FAQ section on our company's website where customers can find answers to common questions, access troubleshooting guides, and obtain useful information about the products.


8. Feedback and Improvement: We encourage customers to provide feedback on their experiences with the products and after-sales service. Actively listen to customer feedback and use it to drive continuous improvement in product design, functionality, and service quality.


Acey reserves the right to reject after-sales service in the event of the following four situations: Product failures are not caused by technology and materials; Product is replaced without the prior consent of Acey; Product doesn’t meet warranty conditions; The information you provided is not true and valid.


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